Name Ben Gerber

Sarah Resnick (1)

Date of Birth 1877 (4) December 23, 1891
Place of Birth Russia Zyatkovtsy, Gaysin, Ukraine (2)
Immigration   Departed Liverpool, England November 13, 1907 aboard the Friesland and arrived in Philadelphia November 25, 1907 (3)
Date of Death September 18, 1957 December 1, 1989
Parents Michael Gerber and Norma Isaac Resnekov and Rose Snyder
Siblings Jennie (Isaac Cooper)
Louis (Rose Katz)
Mollie (Ben Thorp)
Zelda (Joseph Falk)
Abraham (Mollie Silverberg)
Louis (Lillian Blass)
William (Celia Rosenberg)
Mary (Nathan Goldstein)
Yetta (Adrian Burnett)
Date of Marriage  
Birth Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death
Mitchell June 19, 1922 Knoxville, Tennessee January 13, 2000 Baltimore, Maryland
Nathan November 17, 1923 Knoxville, Tennessee February 15, 2014 Baltimore, Maryland
Leonard September 27, 1926 Knoxville, Tennessee March 18, 2008 Baltimore, Maryland
Notes (1) Original family name: Resnekov
(2) Ship manifest shows home as Sjatkowce. Zyatkovtsy is a village outside Gaysin, Ukraine.
(3) Source: search for Sara Resnikoff; Immigration & Emigration; Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1800-1945
(4) 1900 U.S. Census gives age as 23
Historical documents Passport
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